By Deepa Raj - December 01, 2018

Ever since my childhood, I have been very particular about maintaining cleanliness, be it the hatred towards the rolled up pages of any book or unlikeliness for a messy bushy room. This behavior did catch the attention of my parents and my childhood friends. But little did I know then, the foundation of beautification starts from a space, that is free from clutter and exhibits a crisp clean look!

Since I was good at scribbling down sketches, the plunge to educate myself in interior designing was taken. Well, why did I choose to ''design the interiors'' was not known to me then, but as the saying goes ''what you are meant to do, is making it's way to you! For now, contemplate for a little longer, with time it will all make sense to you.''

So here I am, walking along with the passing time and grabbing the knowledge and the experiences on my way. Planned or unplanned with both surprises and shocks the path has been a learning process. Be it being part of the interior jury in the college I passed out from, or being designated as an interior designer or unknowingly stepping into the world of digital media as a blogger and moving ahead as a content manager. The walk has been truly a well versed practical, learning experience. Hence, I still would humbly love to tag myself as a professional interior designer and a content writer in the making as learning is definitely a never-ending process!

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