10 Ways To Make A Rental Apartment Your Own - Rental Home Decor Tips & Ideas

By Deepa Raj - December 26, 2018

Are you in a dilemma of figuring out the best ways to design your rental space and make it feel all homely during your stay? And contemplating on ways to make the process of rental home adornment easier, as you keep moving around constantly? Read on to find out a few quick fix, to get yourself started off!

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When you are constantly on a move, you are left with no other option than settling yourself into a rental apartment. And most of the times you do not have the liberty to adorn the apartment as the ‘’home of your dreams’’, especially when it comes to wall decor!
Hence, here I am listing out a few tips, tricks and options that you could try out to bring in the ''homely feel'' to your temporary abode.

1. Window Treatments: Adorn The Windows With Curtains, Drapes And Blinds

Windows can turn out to be the best focal point, only if you know how to utilize it with perfection! Depending upon the interior design style you choose to implement, opt for the blinds, curtains and drapes in various patterns, materials and colors. Adorning the windows, would provide you with an instant fab backdrop.

2. Bring Textures In: Add Rugs, Carpets, Quilts, Cushions

Introducing textures in the form of soft furnishing is an inexpensive way to turn any dull and dingy room look cozy and homely instantly. Though, you got to make sure that the curtains complement well with the rest of the soft furnishing that's going to be used within the space, such as the rugs, carpets, floor runners, quilts, cushions, table runners and so on.

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3. Say No To L- Shaped Sofas In Rental Homes

Just in case, you have moved into a rental apartment, without any furniture and intend to buy new ones that ''suits'' your rental apartment the best, then you need to rethink all over again, when it comes to buying sofas.

Since, you wouldn’t be staying in the rental apartment for long, let’s say for instance, buying an L shaped sofa, would be a wrong choice to make. As you wouldn't be able to customize it according to the corners, and hence, it could turn out to be a troublesome investment to make.

Hence, I would suggest to opt for modular sofas that could either be customized or sofa that are straight in shape, even love seats could work as wonders, as they would fit in perfectly, wherever you live next! 

4. Go Vertical - Furniture As The Focal Point

You could divert the focus from the bare walls, on to the TV units, bookshelves, entryway table, armoire, hutch cabinet, and convert them into focal points in various parts of the home. Add in pop of bright colors for instance, highlight the knobs, paint the interior walls of the bookshelves, hutch cabinets in bright colors, arrange books by color, add indirect lights within hutch cabinet, to enhance the look further.

Focusing vertically even by ignoring the walls entirely would also bring in great impact that too with little efforts. 

5. Create A Style Statement With Space Saver Multi-Utility Furniture

Include foldable , tables with storage, nested tables, ottomans with storage in your furniture set, as could be neatly tucked in, when not in use. Moreover, they could be used for styling as well as saves space and and chances are that you won’t have enough space in each and every apartment you move in. 

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 6. Set Up A Nook

The kitchen or the bedroom, would be the perfect space to set a nook up by focusing on the window. All you would need to work around is a nice view that you could enjoy. Creating a focal point around a window by adding an accent furniture like a bright colored chair is what I would suggest.

7. Decor Accessories: Mirrors, Indoor Plants, Indoor Water Features

Ditch wall decor entirely, as drilling walls for hanging needs to be avoided in rental homes. Instead use photo frames with stands and place them on an end table or nightstand, or rely an oversized artwork on the wall directly.

Additionally, instead of hanging the mirrors and installing wallpapers, opt for a long floor standing mirror. Even you could shift the focus of onlookers from bare walls, by including indoor plants, unique artifacts, figurines, large vases, water features and so on.

8. Wicker Baskets To Store In Style

Transforming the open built-in shelves could be fun as well. All you would require are a few wicker baskets! It would not only help you in keeping things organized, but also make the shelf look pretty alluring.

 9. Tile Tattoos The Renter's Best Friend

The foolproof way to give the kitchens and the bathrooms an uplift, is by installing these temporary tile stickers and decals, which can be easily installed and removed and are waterproof too.

Hence an easy remodeling alternative that require little time, effort and budget. You may install it on a couple of blocks as an accent or on the entire ceramic, glass, or stone tile wall, to transform the space.

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10. Lighting - Turn The Mood Lighting On

From fairy lights to any modern light fixture, make sure to include them in your plan as this could enhance all the features further and can bring in drastic change to the overall space.

Additionally, upgrade with dimmers as it will instantly make the space look better in mood lighting. 

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Since options are limited due to the landlord's laws and rules, renters can try out these sure shot ways and decorate the apartment on a pocket friendly budget that can transform and magically make any space feel like a home.

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