5 Basic Steps To Design Your Home Like A Pro! - Home Decor Tips & Ideas

By Deepa Raj - December 26, 2018

Regardless of whether you own a space or need to make a rental your own, adoring the space is something you would surely dote, as it is the customization of the space that would help one to personalize and bring in ‘’feels’’ to the home.

And if you wish to design your home all by yourself, without consulting an interior designer read on to boost up your confidence and gain the knowledge, that it takes to design your home like a pro!


1. Interior Design Styles - Which Interior Style Are You?

To begin with, you need to be aware of the different interior design styles, for instance, the minimalist interior design style, the contemporary interior design style, the eclectic interior design style and so on.

Knowing the various interior design styles would help you in narrowing down your inclination to one, that would suit your personality the best.

Moreover, you wouldn't end up purchasing furniture and home decor accessories, in entirely different design styles and later contemplate on ways to bind these elements together.

2. Colors Bring Good Vibes

New homes are furnished with only the basics, and the interior walls are usually coated with the basic neutral colors like the whites, off-white, beige and gray. Hence it depends entirely upon you whether you want to adhere to the same basic colors or wish to add in color schemes that goes well with the basic neutral color or opt to entirely pick a new color palette.

Whatever the case is, maintaining a smooth flow of colors within the interior space is required while playing around with the color schemes. Additionally, you wouldn't want to mess up with the colors of the walls and the floors even before mastering the color scheme selection process. Hence, I would suggest you to glide slow, as you need to consider a few factors while adding color schemes. 

  • The budget. 
  • The interior design style you want to create. 
  • The colors of the already ’’existing‘’ furniture. 
  • The source through which you wish to add colors, for instance, the paint, wallpapers, wall decals, 3D wall tiles, wall tiles.
The safer way to start with is by adding colors in the form of soft furnishing such as the curtains, rugs, table runner, wall decors such as paintings, photo frames, cushions, bed linens, pillows, quilts. Since these are available in various colors, patterns, and textures, you could easily add in, to transform your space.

Definitely, it is an easy and budget-friendly way to begin the design journey with! Moreover, it is the only possible way for renters, to greet colors into their space.

3. Create A Style Statement With Furniture

Whether you plan to use your old furniture or want to buy new ones, you need to know exactly how you could blend the furniture in well with the interior design style as well as with the color schemes.

Hence trying out furniture restoration ideas and choosing the perfect accent furniture are an essential part of creating a style statement. As when it comes to interior design, furniture is not just about the functionality, it also needs to be aesthetically appealing, to stand out among the rest of the home decor elements.

4. Home Decor Accessories Are Magical

Even after implementing the design concept of your personal choice perfectly by inducing fab color schemes and alluring furniture set into the space, the homes still could look slightly void and would require more attention. This is when the home accessories could add in the tiny detailing and bring the best out of the space!

Other than the soft furnishing and wall decor, including indoor plants to bring the greenery in, artistic figurines and soothing water features like fountains, aquariums would bring in dramatic changes. 

5. Lighting - Be A Turn On

Lighting can literally be a smash hit! You could easily find zillions of light fixtures to match your home design style. All you need to do is include indirect lighting along, for instance, backlit mirror, under cabinet lighting and so on, to further enhance the home. It is basically the blend of both direct lighting and the indirect lighting that makes any home glimmer in style! 

I would recommend design lovers to keep a note of these 5 basic home decor steps. As the decor tips and ideas mentioned here would ease out the design process to an extent. Happy glamming!

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